Brazil Condado Mundo Novo Light-Medium Roast

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Medium-Light Roast

Country: Brazil

Region: State of Sāo Paulo, Condado

Farm: Condado

Variety: Mundo Novo

Process: Natural, Semi-washed

Average Temperature (High/Low °F)

Winter: 80°/59°

Summer: 90°/66°

Harvest Method: 80% Mechanical 20% Hand-Picked

Harvest Season: May-August

Elevation: 850 - 1,100 m

Procopio Junqueira inherited a small piece of land from his family and worked his entire life to grow it, and he did: he bought one farm for each of his 4 sons and daughters. He is 96 now, still growing coffee and passing off that knowledge for 3 generations.

The farm has 8 water sources and a little river that crosses it where you can find hawks, toucans, yellow canaries, wild dogs, cascavel snakes, armadillos, and plenty of other species. Thirty-two people live on the farm today, from children to retired workers. Children have access to the local school and the city school that is 11 miles away. The owners have been providing training and financing since the winter of 2017 for local women to learn how to create other products from the coffee to sell into the Brazilian market.