Our Story

Great Basin Coffee Company is more than just coffee. We care deeply about the environment, we love spending time with the people in our lives, and we have a passion for adventure. Everything we do is fueled by coffee, from trail work to family parties you can never have enough coffee coursing through your veins. That is why we started a coffee company. 

The Team

Mike Cunniff, Co-Founder/Owner – Born and raised in Massachusetts, Mike moved to Utah to answer the call of the mountains and study Emergency Management at Utah Valley University. This program launched a 9-year stint as a wildland firefighter which naturally took his love for coffee to a whole new level.  Though being a firefighter was fun and super rewarding, it was time to start something new in 2017.  Mike was drawn to work in coffee by the community that surrounds it.  When he isn’t roasting coffee he can be found on a mountainside somewhere on his bike or motorcycle. 

Alex Kopelson, Co-Founder/Owner – His past life involved a Masters degree in Homeland Security and a career working for the man. Alex found all the red tape involved in government work made it difficult to get anything of real value accomplished. While his coffee career doesn’t yet include any fancy accolades, he has been told by some people that might be important to someone he roasts some damn good coffee and he has an SCA roaster level 1 certification if that means something.