Holiday Gift Subscription

Holiday Gift Subscription

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What is this?

This is a 3 month Holiday Gift Subscription. Get it for yourself or a loved one and receive 3 shipments with two 12 oz bags in it once a month, you can select ground or whole bean coffee. Shipments will go out on December 12th, January 16th, and February 13th. The first payment comes out now, and you will then will be billed again on January 12th, and February 12th for a total of $75 + Shipping over the course of the subscription.

Why get this?

We just recently started offering subscriptions on our website and with the holidays coming up we thought what better way to show off the new feature than to offer all our awesome supporters a limited time product at a discount. You'll be saving $5 each month, and it'll be a great way to see if you like having coffee show up directly to your door automatically.

Not to mention...

By purchasing this subscription, you are directly supporting our dreams of providing living wage jobs here and at coffee growing origins around the world, a renewable energy powered facility, innovative eco-friendly packaging, and a Vortx EcoFilter for our roaster. Anyone who orders this Holiday Gift Subscription would be helping us out, and you or a loved one will be receiving great coffee in return.

Additional Notes:

If you would like to purchase multiple subscriptions, that is great! Just put the additional addresses in checkout notes and we will make the necessary adjustments. You'll get free shipping on each additional subscription for the first shipment, so that's cool!