Kenya Kiamaina AA Light Roast

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Light Roast

Country: Kenya

Region: Nyeri

Variety: SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11, Batian

Process: Washed

Average Temperature (High/Low °F)

Winter: 76°/50°

Summer: 82°/52°

Harvest Method: 100% Hand-Picked

Harvest Season: October-December and March-June

Elevation: 1,450-1,900 m

Kenya's coffee history is fairly short. This might seem a little funny considering it's neighbor, Ethiopia, is where the coffee plant was first discovered as long as 1,000 years before cultivation started in Kenya. The year that's most often cited for the introduction of coffee to Kenya is 1893. Some accounts say that coffee was brought from Reunion Island while others say that it was brought back to Africa all the way from Brazil. The coffee industry in Kenya, for Kenyans, was not a very romantic story up until very recently. Kenya was a British colony and only Whites were allowed to own coffee farms while Kenyans were expected to provide free or cheap labor to work the farms. A large-scale rebellion against British colonialism called the Mau Mau Uprising did little to relax the oppressive system. Only in the last 20 years did Kenyans finally secure the freedom to own and control the coffee production. One oppressive system led to another unfortunately and up until just the last couple of years, the coffee industry was riddled with corruption in its exchange system and violent mafia-style rule handed out by armed cartels.