Great Basin Coffee Company, Lone Peak Espresso Blend, Small Batch, Fresh Roasted Coffee, picture displaying bag
Great Basin Coffee Company, Lone Peak Espresso Blend, Small Batch, Fresh Roasted Coffee, picture displaying coffee beans

Lone Peak Espresso Medium Dark Roast

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Medium Dark Roast

Origin: Brazil, India, Colombia

Flavor Notes: Dark chocolate, nut, raspberry

Many moons ago, we took a free fall off a cliff and plunged into icy cold water that took our breath away. How did we warm up from that chilly, frigid moment? Hot. Strong. Espresso. That memory makes us nostalgic for our youth, where we grew up working and playing in the Lone Peak Wilderness — the home of some of the most beautiful high mountain lakes and forests that Utah has to offer. Our secret weapon in wilderness exploration was (and still is!) hot coffee. It'll give you the kick to keep on hiking, the jolt to get moving early in the morning before the sun comes up, and warmth from the inside out — even when surrounded by mountains of snow. Transport yourself into the woods with Lone Peak Espresso, our flagship espresso blend.

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Penny J. Hieb
United States United States
Delicious, bold, and inviting

The Lone Peak Espresso Medium Dark Roast is a pure delight. The roast is bold yet nuanced. You can still taste fine chocolatey notes and nutty undertones. For a darker roast it does not taste burned in the least. It also lingers with a nice syrupy finish. This is probably my favorite espresso roast to date of any coffee company...and believe me, I've tried a ton!

Denise s.
United States United States
Lone Peak Expresso Medium Dark Roast

My husband and I both really liked this flavor. We will consider ordering this flavor in the future.

Nic R.
United States United States
Go with Great Basin!!

As a coffee lover and connoisseur, on both a personal and professional level, I can speak only praise to the Great Basin Coffee family! My request for wholesale and roast information was responded to nearly instantly, and with admirable momentum! After a short email conversation with one of the company founders about my cafe's wants and needs, I had several free sample bags of Great Basin roast varieties being shipped to me the very next day! As impressed as I had been with their polished professionalism and sincerity in our email conversations, it was all dwarfed by the bean of the day: Lone Peak Espresso roast! A quality blend of Columbian and Brazilian beans that pairs perfectly with dark chocolate biscotti or a light citrus cake or pastry. I found the chocolate and nutty notes of this roast are detected more powerfully when paired in this way. A calm and buttery texture lending to a much lighter mouth-feel than expected; a delightful surprise for such an astringent roast. The aroma is wonderfully robust; familiar, but also not. Highly nutty, with gentle suggestions of something that one can only describe as 'zesty'. I brewed this blend with French press, pour over method, drip machine AND espresso machine. I unexpectedly responded to this roast cold and over ice as well, personally preferring this method overall with this blend. In my opinion, the temperature difference changed the texture and flavor profile tremendously, creating a unique balance with the acidity and texture to create a distinctly pleasing iced coffee option. All together, a singularly agreeable espresso roast that should (and will!) be enjoyed by many others over even many more years! Thank you all at Great Basin for the terrific work you do!

Gabrielle R.
United States United States
Rad Espresso

Amazing as dark as my soul... how I like it!

Sara D.
Must buy!

This is such a great blend and I love the packaging. I bought a couple more as gifts for my family.